Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Alright so, as of right now, I'm playing a couple of games; mostly jumping between them and having fun. The list of games I'm currently playing is:

1. Splinter Cell: Conviction(Just got it from a sale on Steam, 6$ :D)

2. The Witcher 2(Best RPG this year, in my opinion)

3. Terraria(Very fun with friends, much like a Minecraft with less focus on building, and more focus on exploration and combat.) I might focus on this in a later post, in a review.

4. Hunted: The Demon's Forge(I just got this, so I'll post my first impressions on it soon.)

5. APB Reloaded Open Beta

Not only do I play these games, but I will on occasion stream them on justintv, and I'll provide a link to that and a schedule for likely broadcasts next week. Until then, I'll be coming up with ideas for reviews and other random posts, and I'll be posting periodically for the foreseeable future. Feel free to post comments, and if I feel the need to give a lengthy response, I'll post my response up on the blog itself. For now, I'll go play some of these games and relax for a bit, hopefully the ideas will be flowing :D


Well, I've never done this before. Hopefully this turns out to be an enjoyable experience, since sharing my thoughts on games/writing is something I always do, why not post it up where people can give me feedback? I'm a pretty mellow guy, I don't usually rage at simple things, although just as anyone else I -do- get annoyed. Maybe I should get back on to the topic of the blog; I play games, and I like to share my experiences and thoughts about them. I'm also a decent writer(at least in my mind, I'll leave you to have your own opinion on my writing) and I might share some ideas or short excerpts from things I write. In the next post I'll talk about the games I'm playing and possibly touch upon some other things.